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Challenges / Re: Autonomous Combat League
« on: April 04, 2016, 12:26:00 am »
Nest can attack only ground targets, so there is an obvious way to defeat it - fly (such fight would be boring).

There still is no missile that can effectively destroy both air and ground targets.
My experiments stopped at three branches:
1. Land missile.
2. AA missile that can't hit ground targets.
3. Flying missile that barely hits ground targets, useless against moving targets.

So missiles are only good in unlimited class, they are specialized and you can't have more than 2-3 of them.

I think it is possible to build plasma bot with better aim that can dodge for some time and damage any existing missile enough to make it useless. We haven't seen fully armored missiles yet.
Such bot would require quite much math, and rawbots has terrible interface for math.
If it will be a ground bot, it should not use wheels, jet slider design is better at dodging because it can move in any direction.

So given enough effort, Nest can be beaten with plasma. But if an arms race starts, I would bet on missile bots in 1 vs 1, and grenade-ramming swarms in free fights.

Screenshots & Videos / Re: cupid's rocket volley bots!
« on: April 03, 2016, 07:18:55 pm »
yea I am kinda surprised nobody has got a dumb fire rocket bot yet into the ACL league
Last time I played rawbots, dumb fire rocket was almost useless in real fight because nobody had a turret with good aim and miss with a rocket is too "expensive".
A proper guided missile is too big for most designs, but you can check my Nest in ACL, it has land missiles.

Challenges / Re: Autonomous Combat League
« on: April 03, 2016, 07:06:51 pm »
One of my designs from old forums
Nest (unlimited)
I didn't count parts, but this one is so fat it could be the reason why bots got divided into classes.
Iron-shaped war machine with three land missiles. If it can't destroy your bot, it will destroy your CPU.

How to count parts? Camera's activity underestimates this thing.

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