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to hit something moving, you need to be able to hit a stationary target very precisely first.
i always used rel. simple geometrics to determine the launch angle of my cannons - so they were basicly pointing directly at the target ( with some offsets to counteract gravity for certain ranges ).
This time though i used ballistic calculations to proper include gravity and the result is  ;D , but see yourself.


I linked the target to the cannon, so i could fire it without having to switch between target and cannon, also added some distance-  and a *wip* time-to-target -display , targeting is using a camera imput though and isnt connected to any off the other stuff. Everything exept firing is full automatic, the target turns red whenever i press my fire key.

There seems to be a bit of a dead/lower accuracy spot when firing nearly horizontal, i guess its because many of the arc functions deliver values very close to zero - not sure if the "freezing" of any slow moving object also affects this - so in the video im firing short salvos. If the first shot doesnt, the second one hits ( seems like the physics have to be woken by the first shot). Also im currently not compensating the very small differnce between the set angle and the cannons actual pitch, which might also be the cause.

The Values i couldnt calculate are based on experiments and guesswork, so theres still room for improvement.
Next step will be to declutter / nicely arrange the vp-code and then figure out how to hit moving targets.

- edit-
with your help, some value tweaking and also by adding a controler to make sure the cannons pitch is exactly alignend to the calculated launch angle, i nearly doubled range. Now it hits precisely between distances of 50 to 1000. Maximum shooting distance at the given speed  and 45 launch angle is around 1250 . However at more than 1000 range, the closer i get to max range, the increasingly earlier the projectiles drop. I tried changing the projectile speed in the calculations but it has no effect, so i guees it may be due to rounding &/ canon alignment errors.
video is being updated

General Discussion / Need info on plasma-projectiles
« on: December 07, 2016, 12:21:20 am »

currently my plasma-turrets use triangulation or the altitude difference based maths for vertical aiming - both methods ignore gravity though, which easily could lead to missing even a stationary target at above medium distance.

so currently im trying to use the same ballistics i used to lob the grenades in the video below to aim with a plasma cannon. I determined the speed of the plasma by firing backwards from a plane - around a speed of 75 the plasma drops almost vertical from the plane, so i fed my maths with v=75. Also, plasma seems to be floating / not fully affected by gravity - i reduced it to half witch seems to work, to realy be sure ill need to build a much larger test-map though. Atm im still using the formula for targets at the same altitude, as the error is minimal when firing in an high arc.  Now with plasma though, the arc is very flat, so im currently searching for the correct formula.

as i renember, xfm tweaked the plasmas behaviour - so the correct values might have been posted somewhere back then. If someone knows the exact values it would be a big help.


tinkering on ballistics again, atm i have troubels getting my jet-driven projectile to accelrate nearly instantly to a certain variable speed (desired vfront between 50 and 150 ) - atm im using a pid and a counter ( maths operator&multiplexer ) to shut the jet off some 10th seconds after launch and/or as the desired speed is reached. In theory the pid shouldnt alow the projectile to get faster than its setpoint, but if the kp is to high, the initial thrust is so high that the projectile reaches speeds above the setpoint - if the kp is to low though, the projectile doesnt reach the desired speed fast enough. With some trial & error i reached a good precision when using a fixed velocity. However i want to optimise the projectiles flightpath for an relatively flat arc ( so instead of lauching almost straight up when a target is close, the projectiles launch speed should be reduced until a launch at 45 would hit the target )

I also used fast pistons  to toss grenades before, but it doesnt seem very precise / affected by framerate

any ideas ?

General Discussion / Progress on Navigation ?
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:30:26 am »

as if been away for a while i wonder if anyone came up with a better way of navigating than turning when hitting a wall  ? i experimented alot but didnt came up with something working well enough, i still think that the uniform hexagon shape of the world is the key to a bot that doesnt go zick zack from wall to wall but can drive straight lines between obstacles and so cross the map much faster. I had some sucess with a hoverbot that had 6 hooks at angles matching the hexagons - whenever close to an wall it would align itself in the center of his hexagon, paralell to the walls and then continue in the direction that offers the highest distance, newer finished it though - heres a vid from back then - making the whole bot turn was the wrong idea though as its ruins the alignment

Also had the idea to monitor the traveled X/Y distances - wheel relevations combined with yaw or an oscillator based, ins like approach to count x and y speed ( whenever the oscilator switches to "1" the current speed gets added to the sum of the last speed measurements) but it didnt work well - had a bot that drove a square but it showed that there was quite some drifting happening, so its still a huge step to turn this into something usefull.

So im curious to hear from your experiments


Introductions / Im back
« on: December 02, 2016, 06:22:03 am »
Well Hello,

im glad to see Rawbots & this forum comming back to life and as i plan to participate in the ACL ( currently desperately experimenting to find a better way of navigating  ) i thought i quickly intruduce myself. So im 30Years old from germany , i dont know how to exactly translate my job descryption, but i learned media design and It-system-electronics ( Network / MS server & domain related stuff ) also jobbed as webdesigner ( typo3 ) and tech support in a computer store.

i stumbled across rawbots years ago  on groupees ( like humblebundle ), at first i had no idea how anythink worked and i took a couple of days before i finally got caught and started learning by reverse engineering the tutorial bots. Later i realy had a blast back in the time off xfm and the first acl-fights as bots got complex and xfm added new opportunities. It this point i had high hopes that if the community could raise more attention ( via mods, youtube vids,... ) sales would increase which should wake up the devs, showing them that they have a great concept/opportunity which perfectly matched the upcomming sandbox/builder trend ( minecraft & later besiege etc..) . Then the officials forums just disappeared without any annoncement or information, and without a place like this forum i thought the game was finally dead, though i still played it from time to time whenever i had a new idea to test.

So im glad to see you old guys are still out there.

Besides From Rawbots i also built my own arduino based bots and other stuff like led-cubes or a dot matrix style laser projector ( simple concept but my spinning mirrors always flew appart :-) all done with cheap/household items which is part of the fascination - turning some simple stuff in something that can interact with its surroundings / seems to have a live of its own - in fact my first bot - a four legged walker made out of pvc tube and wood, looked realy creepy when walking around making those servo noises , like its  been from an 80s scifi movie. Then i switched jobs and didnt have the time but i recently moved and once i have a "normal" life again i hope to get my soldering iron back in action.

nough said,



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