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I know next to zero about rawbots but could not say no to PressureLine when he asked for assistance in hosting this website and its forum.

I hope the rawbots community will be able to get back up its feet and move forward. With people like PressureLine behind that new movement i have good hope that it will succeed.

Might even get me interested in trying it someday   ;D

Thanks for the work getting a forum going for us, it looks good so far.

I owe you a big thanks! without your or pressureline, my goal to bring a forum back online for Neil would have been far more difficult and costly! If there is anything I can do, ask pressureline 1st cause he can probably do it better! 

Just a small update. The site and its forum have been moved to a new webserver. Probably nobody noticed but if that is the case then that means we did good ;)


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