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Somewhere to start dropping some dev nuggets while we get a formal process together.

This video is a few weeks old, posting before it gets too old to share.

A few things that have happened after this video:
- physics substeps
- multithreaded physics
- custom wheel physics

It looks like everything is working very well so far. The graphics are a massive improvement and from what I can see in the video the physics is at least as good as the current version.

Only thing I noticed is that the joints between parts seem fairly weak.

The bendy joints ironically seems to help in that video, working as a suspension.  The wheels seems quite grippy, but bouncy

Oh, and "custom wheel physics" got me curious.  AFAIK most games don't actually need to simulate rotating cylinders and so don't bother doing it, so I'm curious about Rawbots' approach.

Multithreaded physics is good to hear, dunno how it works internally however. Have parts distributed between threads, or instead something more complex?

Yeah, I had noticed that. A certain amount of flex is useful, and possibly unavoidable, but in my opinion joints could do with being strengthened compared to the current version.

Perhaps the custom wheel physics is to deal with how wheels start to skip over the surface at high speed or tend to dig in when steering at speed. I assume the wheel physics model is built from polygons rather than being treated as a perfect cylinder, so the custom physics could be to smooth over that so bots don't effectively have square wheels.

I'm also glad to hear that threaded physics is finally happening. Hopefully that will let more bot to bot interactions happen.


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