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Wheeled mass driver



I've made this bot a while ago and its unfinished, but with me being busy + new rawbots coming eventually (will turn it obsolete probably) I think its better that I share it right away.  If anyone wants the blueprint feel free to request it (it also contains a complicated vision system that probably impact the game's performance, but that is easy to remove)

Dude that is baller! +1!



If anything confuses you feel free to ask me about it.

Did you have to edit the blueprint manually to get all those continuums trying to occupy the same space? Does save/reload break the bundle of continuums?

Yes, no.  the 3 continuui stages  are axially spaced apart by a small gap, which I've done to be sure they don't clash, but I don't know if that is truly necessary.  This can be seen visually by spawning the blueprint, the blocks are first aligned before they spread out.

Two types of accuracy errors are present: firing not in a straight line and firing with much less velocity than wanted.  The second type is more frustrating in my opinion.  It can happen even when there is only a single continuum left in the cannon
(i guess this happens because the block is interacting with the piston head, should I add a gap there?)

Rockslide is surprisingly easy to distract by shooting at it, it's just not made to filter out random parts flying around.  This helps my cannon a lot, but should be partly preventable by ignoring parts moving TOO fast.  A more complete solution would be more complex however.

This physical cannon has a good ammo parts to total parts ratio.  Maybe a more accurate 4 cannons with 6 continuui each would be possible, but the aiming and shooting system would be much bulkier. having a 1 or 2 x 6 system (one cannon on each end with a secondary weapon might me the most sensible, pragmatic option if the goal is to make an acl bot, but making something with only a physical cannon would be more impressive.

Normal segways need to lean to go forward/backwards.  The jets however apply a force directly to the center of mass, while the wheels only manage the vertical aiming angle (balance) + turning.

I've experimented with a complex camera system to avoid wasting shots, but that system is cpu intensive and the bot is very sensitive to performance issues (ruins the cannon accuracy)  Make sure you don't have a lot of code loaded in the vp screen or the bot will suffer


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