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Mini challenge: Extreme hill climb

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Extreme hill climb mini challenge!

Here's a quick challenge while we wait for the new version of Rawbots to surface. The goal is simple: make it to the top of the ramp, complete the zero-G hairpin and safely get down again.

Easy mode: anything goes. Use jets for as much free propulsion and downforce as you want.
Hard mode: no active downforce. Only use fins for downforce, so you have to keep going or you'll drift off into space.
Extreme mode: none of the above. Show off some more exotic solutions to the problem.


no hooks allowed?

what are the rules on continuum mass manipulation?

I'd have said everything like that is fair game for this challenege.

Using hooks implies a walker-like design, which won't be trivial, and I expect mass drives would be tricky to control in this application.

BTW, did the map load correctly? I've just tried to open it again and rawbots has decided that the ramp is now off in space in two pieces somewhere between the planets.

A while ago i've made a second bot for the loop, using mass driving tech that can stay upside down for an undefined amount of time.
I guess my easy entry of this is already ready

the slinky is a "walker" that can easily do this, doesn't deserve the extreme category imo

Oh and yeah, your track totally is a interplanetary roadway.

sorry for sucking the fun out of everything :p

(actually making a roadway between two or more planets might be cool, might give a sense of how smaller the map is than it looks)

I wish I knew how to stop the terrain getting screwed up like that. It only seems to happen on some of the stardust style maps.

Hopefully I've still got the half built version somewhere, as that must have loaded properly.


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