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Okay, this is my first time on this specific forum and i have a few questions
first some info
1: i payed for the game when it was still downloadable.
2: i got rid of the game because i was to young to understand
3: after finding out it wasn't in development anymore i was somewhat sad
4: the dropbox downloads on the steam forums is giving me a 404

I have returned, not only to witness the re-birth of a (awesome) game, but also to see if i could reacquire a copy, if at all possible
I want to see this game grow, and id llike to thank the developers perseverance in the struggle with that (insert rude exclamation here) of a CEO who stole your crew.
Thank you for reading this.



Rawbots downloads are available here. As well as the vanilla 0.1.4 install, I would also suggest downloading and installing XFM, which adds several important maths functions, as well as a few quality-of-life features and speedups.


Welcome back!

+1 on XFM, it is pretty much a standard part of the install these days.

We are hopeful for there to be a new version of the game, although things do seem to have gone quiet again since the last couple of demo videos.

Thank you so much! ive been waiting for this for a while :D!


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