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Loading issues


Doctor Virus:
So my lady friend is having trouble with rawbots.
It opens and lets her choose world's but the world itself wont load and she cant do anything. She's tried opening it with different programs and it just shows the background menu picture. Any ideas as to how she can fix this?

That kind of stuff can happen when the world has something bad about it.  For instance, a world with no camera part i think won't load.

Try a different world first.  You can download worlds online.  If that doesn't help please report about it and we'll try to look into it.

As Z26000 says, not having a camera is the usual cause of getting stuck on the loading screen. Another problem I've seen is the VP code creating a NaN (divide by zero) value and refusing to load.

Doctor Virus:
Okay all her commands are disabled, can't spawn cameras, world's are not loading any images or view

Does it work if you copy the install folder to another PC?

I think there's something like a visual C++ redistributable that you need for the game to run. The 32-bit version of 2010 or 2012 sounds familiar, but hopefully someone else remembers the exact one.


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