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cupid's handy parts dump.


Hey guys! If you build bots like I do , you probably use lots of modular parts mashed together. This is a dump of parts I had kicking around. I'll add more to this as I have more parts kicking around.

Pressurlines auto turret! (or maybe its marvins?) Torn from his battle bot and put on a handy stand for you! simply modify part positioning as necessary. All the code's been done for you!

Up next we have Owl's AA missiles! again, torn from the bot, simply modify part portioning as you need

A Big Square Segement. name says it all!

A long Diamonde Chassie!

A suspension based support buggy. Comes with real steering and a 5 Billion Mass tolerance!

A pre made MultiRotor! for all your VTOL needs!

up next, a little square segment!

 a little triangle segment!

Anti Aircraft Platform! hover technology stolen from the tutorial level

A medium range dumbfire Rocket! small and compact, best in volleys!

A super small dumbfire rocket! meant for extreme close range!

Hope you guys find that these bits and pieces save you some construction time! I'll add more as I make/rip them off stuff.

That's an interesting way of doing things. If you find anything useful in my blueprint dump, fell free to extract the good bits and share them.

The cannons are green, so they're probably from the pressuretank.

It seems as though we have completely opposite ways of building bots. You're good at combining the best bits from other bots and building huge stuff, while I try to make things as light and compact as possible.

Your walking tank must have been an atypical moment for you, then :p

Yeah, occasionally I try to build something huge, though those projects never end well.

Added AA platform and dumbfire rocket


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