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Doctor Virus:

Will it run rawbots need answer now

It should do, but it will probably be more like a 'walk' or 'slow shuffle' than a 'run.'

I'd be inclined to say no. Rawbots tends to be CPU bound, so you really need the fastest clock speed possible. With those specs, I'd imagine it would have trouble just running win7 and a couple of browser tabs. Using netbooks tends to be a painful experience.

I've tried running rawbots on a 1.5GHz atom Z550 processor with GMA 500 graphics, and it only manages a few frames per minute.

If you want to game on a really tight budget, it might be best to find a second hand dual core PC and overclock it as high as it will go. Then add the fastest GPU you can afford.

Doctor Virus:
Guess I'm too quick to choose.

Was rather desperate to play the game.

Saving up for something much more efficient.

I've just tried running rawbots on a 3rd gen pentum dual core @3.2GHz with integrated graphics, and the empty blueshift map barely runs. Even the i7-720 and GT330M in my old laptop don't get great performance.

Gaming on a laptop will usually be more expensive than a desktop, especially when you consider the market for second hand components.


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