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Key Reference Sheet (also viewable ingame by pressing 'F1')

Not mentioned on this sheet is that the arrow ( ← ↑ → ↓ ) keys control the camera rotation, and use shift+↑ and shift+↓ to zoom in/out.

IIRC, holding 4 and clicking a bot opens the save blueprint menu, and some combination of shift+ctrl brings up the load blueprint menu.

Shift+up/down zooms in/out, arrow keys pan around.

Tab changes toggles first/third person perspective, shift+tab cycles through all cameras.

8 brings up the place hook/bridge menu.

6 brings up the place terrain menu, and 7 deletes terrain.

Scroll wheel to zoom on the code screen, middle click and drag to pan.

Right shift clicking code hexes pins them so they stay visible when the code screen is closed.

Alt clicking a hex opens up the permissions menu. Ctrl+shift click deletes code hexes.

Entering 'settings' into the code screen brings up a settings hex that can be used to control the in-game time. Connect this to a hook to make it easier to find again.

That's everything I can remember for now, I expect more will come back as I get back into the game.

To be overly precise, left click when holding ctrl + left shift brings the load blueprint menu.

Those controls are quite an handful.  I wonder if and how they could be improved?

The camera controls would be the main thing I'd change. I often find it takes three hands to build/control a bot while changing the camera target/rotation/zoom. Using the scroll wheel or RMB to zoom/pan (like on the code screen) would make things much easier for the typical two-handed human.

Perhaps the ability to select single/multiple parts or code hexes would allow more familiar move/delete commands to be used.

Selecting the desired tool from a menu would make the game easier to get into, but the current shortcuts are probably quicker to use once you're used to them.

Making going the same road most apps go (ie both menus and keyboard shortcuts available) should be the way to go.

I do like the clean uncluttered (as in absent) menus we have currently, but I do think menus would improve usability.  Maybee having them appear when holding a key, the same way the spawning function works, for instance...

1.hold a key to open a general menu.  (maybe one around your mouse, or more traditionally on the side, up to taste)

2.click (or just hover!) on a button to open whatever submenu you want.

3.pick an option OR dismiss said submenu by releasing the key.

With that said, most camera controls would be better menu-less in the style you suggested (Maybe some like camera switching and seeing through bot camera could be done on a menu, but thats it)

At least that's what I think.
If anyone else has an opinion on this feel free to share.

EDIT: something strange I noticed in the wiki:

"LeftAlt + LMB on a hex, to enter the passcode"

IDK if this is just a hoax or if there is really a passcode feature for the permissions.  If this really does exists, how do you set the passcode?  By editing the map files?


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