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cupid's rocket volley bots!

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Are the missiles launched at different angles, or do they spread out naturally?

Perhaps you could make a version with a couple of big guided missiles next. Or go the other way and make a belt fed version to rapid-fire several dozen missiles.

I was manually changing the angle as I fired it, but they have a little bit of natural spread due to the fact they they have slightly different launch distances.

I could make this design fire MUCH MUCH faster, but I felt the slower firing was better so you could adjust the volley as you fire it (as I do in the video)

A belt feed would be very tricky.  A mag feed on the other hand would be bulky but easy to do. Simply have a stack of them connected together with pistions on the bottom, after the top one fires move the pistons up and keep firing until empty.

Knowing how effective a single hit would be, a full-auto mode is probably overkill.

Even this much armour couldn't take a direct hit:

yea I am kinda surprised nobody has got a dumb fire rocket bot yet into the ACL league. Grenades seem to be far more effective then plasma cannons.


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