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'The Loop' Challenge

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Original map by rawbots.net user 'Crohixis'

The challenge is simple: Get your bot around the loop:

* Freestyle: No restrictions, use whatever parts you need.
* Trickster: No jets or hovers.
* Oldschool: No jets, hovers, fins, or hooks.
Download the loop map from here.

Since the restriction "No jets, hovers, fins, or hooks" applied i tried an alternate mode of propulsion. The thrust comes from an hyper_cannon constantly shooting a single normal mass continuum that then gets recycled via the hypercube. The steering comes from friction brakes, so this thing is hard to control.

I wonder how much easier this challenge is now that the wheels don't come off of bots at high speed any more.

My bot doesnt work in vanilla, the hypercannon falls off.  Too much thrust for the connection to handle.

I remember this challenge! Im going to give this one a shot, should be easy enough now that wheels don't come flying off!


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