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Its Been Fun. - Deadmans note


Howdy guys. I've got some bad news, real life decided to roundhouse kick me in the face, and I have to sell my computer. I don't know when I'll be able to afford another, it could be a year or even two. So I'm pretty much out of the game so to speak.

Its been cool setting up this little forum and getting in touch with all you folks once again. I had fun playing rawbots for a good while, and I hope this forum is still around in 2 years time. But until then I'm signing out.

Deadmans note : incase this forum DOES go down and another is created, or for some other mystical reason, you can Always contact me @

cheer's folks, keep on doing what you glorious bastards do.

That quite sucks.  Hopefully things gets better for you.

It's been fun, I hope things get better for you sooner than later.

Farewell, and good luck.


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