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I was thinking, back then I played Rawbots.

I'm a programmer, and I love programming. But.. visual programming is not for me. So, maybe a programming language in Rawbots can be good, with a "CPU Part" for using it, no ? It may be Lua, very easy to include in a game and easily extensible.

What do you think of my idea ?

PS : I think I'm not the only one who has the idea lol

Yeah, that idea seems to come up everytime future development or the programming system are discussed. It certainly would make complex behaviours a wwhole lot easier to implement, but I wouldn't want to loose the hardware level VP system we have now.

In the current game, you can implement simple state machines, or even a fully functional microcontroller core if you need that sequential, branching behaviour.

Rawbots should keep visual programming system, it is really good for simple bots and seems to be more accessible to players that have no "real" programming experience. So default programming mode should be more casual VP.

I like the idea of script executor VP tile with multiple inputs, it can easily fit existing VP model.

Somewhat related but simpler thing to do is VP tile for text math expression. Current math implementation makes relatively simple calculations take several screens. Most people are used to see math as text like "a + sin(b) - 2 * c^2" not web of VP tiles. Such part would decrease code size of my bots by half or even more.

I suppose the acessability depends on what functions are built in. Pressureline wrote a good post about this at some point.

Custom math hexes would be cool, perhaps you could integrate basic branching/conditional functions too. Another minor improvement would be to let appropriate hexes have an arbitrary number of inputs, which would help with combining values and implementing more complex custom functions.

I didn't say replace the VP system. But, a very good improvement for this system is a programmable tile, with limited or infinite input and output. This tile can only perform math and logic operations.

For example, we can use a Arduino-like programming system : with ports. Or, even more "realistic", add a part which is a "programming card". With several size, memory and ports limitations. So, for ENORMOUS robots using this system, the creater needs to use multiple card for what he want, not just one which will do everything.

Or, like MarvinMan said, a custom math tile, and conditional tiles (if, while, for, etc) for easier programming. I think this isn't to difficult to implement (of course, if the current VP system - in term of implementation - is well done, and easily extensible).


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