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Hi All!

neil has announced the resumption of development of Rawbots. Discuss your hopes, dreams and fears here.

Coming soon™ to an Unreal Engine near you?

--- Quote from: neil on November 24, 2016, 08:45:27 pm ---Hi all,

Yes, we've switched over to Unreal Engine and it is going to be basically a rewrite of the code. The benefits are hopefully a much more optimized physics engine and multiplayer. I know the community and also us have been hoping for multiplayer for a long time, now we can have it.

As for peerplays integration, that will basically facilitate the players having an in-game marketplace where you can sell your creations. Some of you have put in a lot of hours into your creations and this will let you profit from that. Of course, you'll also be able to share your creations for free.

Will share more details as we get more things working. For now we're simply in development mode hoping this all works out.


--- End quote ---

Its big news , who is planning a big comeback bot? also, peerplay? Unreal engine? what do you guys think about this?

PeerPlay is basically a gambling plugin for money transfers.. but that wouldn't make sense for Rawbots. Perhaps we'll be able to buy our bots from each other? 

thank you Sleeping_owl for finding these tidbits. More discussion on rawbots from the bitcoin threads

" There is a long thread at bitcointalk that has some discussion about what is happening to Rawbots.
https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1462351.msg16293253#msg16293253 "

peerplay looks interesting.

I remember the devs talking about selling and buying blueprints back in the days. Rawbots has nothing to do with gambling, I think that peerplay will be used more like a platform for some sort of currency.

Also I think that rawbots on ue4 is 99% confirmed, rozgo was testing the phisics in the new UE 4.14 test release, if you look at the top right you can see that the project is called "Rawbots" and the map is called "Parts Gallery"

From here:

--- Quote ---Development of Rawbots is underway and there's nothing new to report. It is slated for a soft launch at the end of April [2017].
--- End quote ---

On the Peerplays thing. If Rawbots is planned to be a persistent-universe type MMO (like Eve Online) or even an 'instanced' universe (World of Tanks, War Thunder, Gear Up) it makes sense to have a 'secure' ingame currency. Although I am not sure how much I like having said currency having 'real world' value. How much I [dis]like the idea also depends a lot on the monetisation plan.


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