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Well Hello,

im glad to see Rawbots & this forum comming back to life and as i plan to participate in the ACL ( currently desperately experimenting to find a better way of navigating  ) i thought i quickly intruduce myself. So im 30Years old from germany , i dont know how to exactly translate my job descryption, but i learned media design and It-system-electronics ( Network / MS server & domain related stuff ) also jobbed as webdesigner ( typo3 ) and tech support in a computer store.

i stumbled across rawbots years ago  on groupees ( like humblebundle ), at first i had no idea how anythink worked and i took a couple of days before i finally got caught and started learning by reverse engineering the tutorial bots. Later i realy had a blast back in the time off xfm and the first acl-fights as bots got complex and xfm added new opportunities. It this point i had high hopes that if the community could raise more attention ( via mods, youtube vids,... ) sales would increase which should wake up the devs, showing them that they have a great concept/opportunity which perfectly matched the upcomming sandbox/builder trend ( minecraft & later besiege etc..) . Then the officials forums just disappeared without any annoncement or information, and without a place like this forum i thought the game was finally dead, though i still played it from time to time whenever i had a new idea to test.

So im glad to see you old guys are still out there.

Besides From Rawbots i also built my own arduino based bots and other stuff like led-cubes or a dot matrix style laser projector ( simple concept but my spinning mirrors always flew appart :-) all done with cheap/household items which is part of the fascination - turning some simple stuff in something that can interact with its surroundings / seems to have a live of its own - in fact my first bot - a four legged walker made out of pvc tube and wood, looked realy creepy when walking around making those servo noises , like its  been from an 80s scifi movie. Then i switched jobs and didnt have the time but i recently moved and once i have a "normal" life again i hope to get my soldering iron back in action.

nough said,



welcome! correct me if im wrong, where you not the genius who developed the SCUD launcher bot?

this one ? if so - thanks

it isnt that complicated and also a bit cheated cause the missile isnt flying ballistic but uses the ( horizontal ) distance to its target to set pitch, if i renember right, it worked like - start at a pitch of 80 , at half distance the pitch should be zero and directly above the target its -80 ( could also do full 90 degs for more precision, but a smaller number gives a nicer arc, also i had some troubles with the rocket leaving the atmosphere ) , close to the target though the steering gets disabled an the spinning phase starts, so the last bit is somehow ballistic. Still its quite devastating and should be quite hard to defend against as it comes from up high and at high speed - unless you have that rpg like thing ( not my invention ) -

Later i build this little bot using real ballistic formula and im quite pleased with its precision atleast at medium distances

the idea was to lob the grenades over walls so the carrying bot could stay behind cover or even have a seperate scout drone that searches for targets while the launcher would just stay at the spawn - i also like that the grenade moves relatively slow, so the other bot had a chance to deflect it, making fights more intersting

finall if u like destruction, u might like this one

no targeting yet, im not sure how strong the fins and the spinning ( which slows down the bombs ) would affect the ballitic flight path, perhaps simply adding a fixed distance to the ballistic calculation could compensate the speed loss good enough as the bombs dont need to be very accurate, harder would be to take the constantly changing gravity into account as the bomber itself flies at the very top of the atmosphere at very low g.

edit - also had this one laying around which might be my most advanced bomber yet, it uses ballistics to calculate the release point ( needs some tweaking though ) still its weakness is it has to fly above the target first in order to spot it ( due to the limit spotting range of cameras )



I remember the big missile, and always thought it was a neat trick to spread all those grenades simply by spinning a motor. Seeing all those big bombers kinda makes me want to have a go at some interplanetary bombardment.


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