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as if been away for a while i wonder if anyone came up with a better way of navigating than turning when hitting a wall  ? i experimented alot but didnt came up with something working well enough, i still think that the uniform hexagon shape of the world is the key to a bot that doesnt go zick zack from wall to wall but can drive straight lines between obstacles and so cross the map much faster. I had some sucess with a hoverbot that had 6 hooks at angles matching the hexagons - whenever close to an wall it would align itself in the center of his hexagon, paralell to the walls and then continue in the direction that offers the highest distance, newer finished it though - heres a vid from back then - making the whole bot turn was the wrong idea though as its ruins the alignment

Also had the idea to monitor the traveled X/Y distances - wheel relevations combined with yaw or an oscillator based, ins like approach to count x and y speed ( whenever the oscilator switches to "1" the current speed gets added to the sum of the last speed measurements) but it didnt work well - had a bot that drove a square but it showed that there was quite some drifting happening, so its still a huge step to turn this into something usefull.

So im curious to hear from your experiments


A pair of hooks near the front of the bot pointing outwards is the standard solution used in the combat bots. That's usually pretty reliable and straightforward to set up, but does require some logic to avoid getting stuck in corners.

It's not ideal, but my ant bots lack hooks and navigate by detecting when they have stopped due to crashing then reverse and perform a random 90+ degree turn before continuing. Most of the time they just follow their target, which normally has a full navigation system.

Absolute positioning is tricky, the best I can think of would be to have the bot drop a pair of hooks when first turned on, then use trigonometry to work out where the bot is relative to that fixed reference.

I've made this for absolute coordinates.  As long as the reference continuums are level and that were talking about a blueshift style map it works quite well.


though my old erazer Acl bot used such a relatively simple setup and layed down some nice high speed manouvers, it also could easily get trapped in an edge, oscilating left and right and also missed its target quite often ( it was meant to ram it with lasers )as target following and wall avoidiance fought each other. So thats what im trying to get away from, as u basicly just bump from wall to wall wich doesnt look very smart - perhaps i started at the wrong end and its better to make a bot that turns only by fixed angles as base for further ideas - it might simply things.

as for the coordinate system idea i can only thing of it helping to align your bot to stay paralell to walls, knowing the bots relative position though wouldnt help with pathfindings unless u had a map of the arena, but thats beyond the visual programming possibilities

Simply getting within a set distance of the target is the main objective for combat bot navigation systems now, so for most of the match the bots aren't simply bouncing off of walls.

Maintaining a small map of the local area around a bot probably isn't that unfeasible, just a big copy paste job. Deciding what to do with that information is likely to be the bigger challenge.


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