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cupid's oversized flying machines!

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Heya folks, here are two of my over sized flying builds. I'll be working on adding more to the lineup very soon!

please enjoy (with links)

plane v1!



I remember that thing!

Is that a new version you've built?


--- Quote from: MarvinMan on March 10, 2016, 10:32:34 pm ---I remember that thing!

Is that a new version you've built?

--- End quote ---

yep! I also am working on V3, with folding wings and rotating propeller arrays for VTOL capabilities! Guaranteed to lag or your money back!

That flies better than I remember, and only halved my framerate (down to 13fps). The stronger wing sections and removal of the unbalanced propellers is definitely an improvement.

The main problem is that the thing is a significant fraction of the diameter of the planets in stardust, resulting in post flights accidentally becoming interplanetary.

For better performance, I'd try to remove as much weight as possible and reduce the number of elbows as the large masses wobbling around seem to be the only big stopping it from flying nicely.

Adding VTOL propellers is a cool idea if you can keep everything balanced. Using the flaps on the wings for lift might let it take off without any assistance from the nose jets/VTOL system.

The new one is up! brings my frames to about 10! press U and J to control the wings, and press T and G for the VTOL toggle. K and L for landing gear, QWEASD RF as normal.


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