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Community Notices / The Rawbots source code has gone public!
« on: April 03, 2020, 08:57:12 pm »
Its a simple as that folks, sure there is more to it then just that, but many of us are busy dealing with the fallout from covid-19 so you'll have to excuse my brevity on the subject.

In short, Rawbots stopped being a priority for many of the dev team. But we still see the value in the project and the ideas it holds and we could not let this project become forgotten abandon-ware.

I have posted below a copy of the announcement from z26, who  we owe a huge thanks to as he spearheaded the effort to get the open source licensing project completed. You can find the original here

Spoiler: show
Hi, I emailed neil haran and he agreed to immediately release the source code under the agpl3 license. Here's the link:

Anyone of you should feel free to take a look at the repo and download the source code. Keep in mind that there might be a few bugs still in there. I don't have my dev pc right now so I can't ensure everything runs nicely, but if you experience issues, please contact me about them.

I may be busy in the following days, but feel free nonetheless to ask me to add you as contributors once you've made something you'd like to be published.

Knowing how to use git would be useful if you want to contribute, here's a simple introduction However, you don't need to know that stuff if you only want to mess around with the code.

You do need the unity game editor, try the latest official release at
(There are some issues that may potentially be fixed by using the older version 2018.3, but I'd recommend to first contact me about your problem because it is quite possible something else is the cause)

with that said, I thank you for your continued interest in this old game we once held such high hopes for, and I offer the sincerest apologies that myself and the other members of the team could not realize that potential. But even if this web forum and repository  never yields anything more then the 1.6 Rawbots we have now, we have hope that the public source may inspire future devs who wander across it - if only as a case study.

I was only 15 when I came across Rawbots, and this community has been in the backdrop of some of the most developmental stages of my life. Know that even as things seem to wind down for good.. That I treasure the memories and connections we shared as a community. And I will continue to do so for as long as I live, the things I have learned during my time here have become part of who I am, and I hope they have become a part of those who took part in this project, and all those who have joined us along the way.

Thank you my friends. And be safe- its an deeply uncertain world out there.

Development Logs / New Devlog 6/4/2019
« on: June 05, 2019, 02:41:34 am »
Hello everybody, I know its been a while since the last devlog, but I don't want to pull a Rozgo and leave you all in the dark.

I have good news, and I have bad news.  So as per tradition, I will start with the good news.

The good news is, development isn't dead. We've recently taken on a new team member, and our understanding of the rawbots source code grows every week - if ever slowly -

The bad news is, 1.6 is a long waaays off. We realized while working on the project that we really need to have a fundamental understanding of HOW the source code works going forward, and I won't put icing on the cake here - none of us really have the professional experience or education that the original development team had. In order to understand how to do fundamental improvements not just to performance, but also to game play mechanics, we have to learn how everything is hooked up and what everything does. For example, Z26 has been learning how to use the debug tools the devs left baked in to the source.

I really need to emphasize this ; Nothing is documented. Period. We may have gotten the source, and some of the older .git data, but we don't have internal notes or documentation. So we have the long and arduous  task  of creating our own.

Now for even more bad news. Some of the development team is busy with real life happenings. I know myself, I have quite alot on my plate. I recently evicted a destructive room mate, have become a property manager, and have a host of finical issues years of neglect have caused. I have books on C# net 7, Unity 2018 , Java and java script, python, Design patterns for object oriented code... ect ect.. but they will be gathering dust in my library until things settle down.

But I can promise you from the bottom of my heart, we will not go dark and give up. We will make progress over time (heck, the battle of wesnoth was worked on on/off for what.. 12 years?)

we have a lot to do , and a lot to learn. And if in the future the source code goes fully open, we will still be here doing our work.

as per pressureline - "stay calm and build rawbots"

Development Logs / The Development Road map
« on: March 28, 2019, 09:30:16 pm »
Hello again folks! As part of our policy to avoid pulling a Rozgo and leaving you all in the dark. I've decided to post a rough devlog of the changes and updates to the game we will be trying to push out over the coming months. Some of this stuff is pretty complex and won't be seen anytime soon, but there are some smaller items you should look forward to seeing soon!

So in the general order of how we plan to roll them out, here is the stuff you can look forward to!  This post will be changed overtime as we adjust our dev goals. Check this post every now and then  to keep up to date!

Rawbots 1.6 - Bug Free and Filled with content!
Spoiler: show

Our goals for 1.6 is to quash the final 2 bugs we have remaining in our dev branch, and then put out a stable release with the following content added :
- Colorizer VP : Takes RGB values to give you an FFFFFF color, can be used to make disco bots with the help of a oscillator!
- Comparortor VP : Returns a designated + or - Value based on which input is greater.
- More Math Functions : Limit - Limits output to a range within the selected inputs. 
- More Math Functions : Slew - Limits the rate of change in a system
- Magnet Part : MAGNETS? HOW DO THEY WORK? - Attracts parts in around it in a field.
- Rope Part : How else could you go part fishing with your new magnet? - will be able to "pull" but not push, grappling hooks anyone?
- Selective Disconnect mode : Allows you to disconnect 2 parts, without breaking ALL connections those parts have
- Mouse Wheel Rotation of Parts : does exactly that, use scroll wheel to rotate
- Motor Idle- Motors can be set to idle and will now freely spin.
- Planet Draw distance : How can you explore worlds you can't see? planets should now be seen from anywhere in the solar system on Stardust Style maps
- Blueshift Map Despawning : Parts that fall into the void can start to build up slowdowns over time. Parts will now be despawned after they fall a certain distance.
- Resurrection of old assets : parts like armour, pressure plates, crystals and what not which appeared in the orignal rawbots trailer will be re-added to the game.
- Build mode (Possibly) : A reduced gravity, physics damped environment for building bots easily. With a real editor coming MUCH later in development
- Some more stability fixes : We hope to get rid of collison checks between connected parts, they aren't going to collide with each other.

AFTER 1.6 , sometime in the far future

New Bullet API
Spoiler: show

We need to upgrade to the newest verison of bullet for more stability fixes and performance improvements. This is going to require alot of re-writing and fixing. This update may take a month on its own.

x64 Builds
Spoiler: show

X64 architecture will get us access to more ram, more ram means more things loaded at once and less slowdowns. This maybe require an update to the newest bullet api or unity edition, which will be alot of work. this feature isn't coming anytime soon

More VP tiles and A map
Spoiler: show

Vp tiles we'd like to add :
Folder VP - allows a section of the vp screen to be "compressed" inside of it without messing with I/O. this will allow us to clean up the VP screen for complex bots
Advanced Math VP - Takes a formula, generates inputs equal to the amount of unknown variables in the math. Outputs the missing variable solved by the equation

Map - Takes the local terrain and generates a map image based off of it, allows mousing over to see GPS coordinates of that spot in the world. Won't have any features like Waypoints or Radar at the start.

Damage Shader and Part destruction
Spoiler: show

How damaged is that part? Who knows? We want to add a way to gauge the damage of a part, and make it so parts that lose all HP explode/break apart and are removed. Parts falling off will still be a thing, but won't be from just damage alone. A fist might punch your head off, but a Plasma cannon will just make it explode. Stuff at the center of a grenade blast will be vaporized , but the shockwave can still make parts go flying.

The Great Energy Economy
Spoiler: show

This isn't coming anytime soon. This is our overreaching goal for the YEAR, it requires a huge amount of work. From creating Models, to programming alot of behaviours. But here is our loose plans at the current moment :

 We need to add gameplay to rawbots. This is my personal theory for the direction on which we should go. Let us begin the biggest of all  theorycrafting.....

Do we want rawbots to be “survival” exploration? Where once you’ve pillaged an area you have no reason to return, or “survival” adventure where the player has a base that they can return to such as games like TERRA TECH?
I will assume the TERRA TECH model for the case of this theory crafting.

So for starters, everything uses energy at a rate proportional to its usage and balance factors. I would have VP tiles use energy as to encourage effective coding (why do 5+5+5+5+5 when 5X5 works?). I would have all output devices consume energy (motors, plasma cannons, jets, hovers, ect). This will give us freedom in the future to release “time saving” VP tiles that consume a high energy rate (such as a FIRE vp tile, which generates a firing solution for you, or a GPS tile which returns target XYZ). Of course the energy cost of VP tiles would be very low, and its purpose would be to add a slow drain effect to bots, which justifies ON/OFF mechanics.

I would have the spawning of parts require energy. I would have the repairing of parts require energy (as at some point we will need to create damage states for parts besides just “falling off the bot”)

Now as for Energy Economy itself. I would limit the player to a maximum amount of energy storage. Which could be increased with “energy tanks”. I would then create a system of base building utilities. Such as a storage depot for energy which can be used while within a fixed radius of it. And down the road parts which can “transmit” energy from depot to bot at a cost would be added. The energy sources would contain maximum amount of energy which requires time to harvest and eventually depletes. I would have energy sources spawn and respawn at random locations on the planet, outside of player base structures Hypercubes would make perfect “harvesting/storing” tools. In order to help the player EXPEND that energy, I would have hostile combat bots spawn around the player base at various distances. Easier bots spawning closer, Harder bots spawning further. ACL bots could already perform this function quite well.

Now to encourage the exploration of the planets. I think we should create more then just one resource type, although after the creation of energy, other resources would be easy re-skins. Better parts would require better materials, some of which would not spawn on the starting world. This would allows us to create more content for player base building (Storage Depo, Advanced part spawner, Resource refinery, Turrets, Energy bridge walls, Teleporter, ect) and allow a longer gametime before players reach “end game” status.

Here is the example of my gameplay loop

Start with basic bot → find some energy to harvest → make a depo → improve your bot with some basic parts/weapons → explore the world to find more parts to “unlock”  and more energy → improve your bot with the new parts → repair your bot when it gets damaged → find all parts to unlock on base world → explore other planets → die a few times and respawn with your bot back at your depo → fly back to new world → establish new base → explore new world until all parts are unlocked and your bot is king of the bots → end of upgrade cycle, all gameplay past this point is purely emergent.

Of course since rawbots is a programming game, I would hope we can come up with some way to have player programed bots do basic tasks such as harvest resources and seek and destroy hostiles around a base, or do guard duty around the player.

The creation of this world would also allow stuff like challenge areas, “boss”fights and other such things. But that is a little to deep for my theorycrafting.

I hope this fills you guys in as to the work we are doing, and if anybody wants to lend a hand (we got any blend masters in the crowd?) you can hop on the discord and talk with Marvin, Pressureline, Z26 or Myself.

Keep calm and Build Rawbots!

Rawbots / Rawbots 1.5B - community update
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:44:10 am »

here it is fellas! Don't forget to tell us about any bugs you find. We will hopefully have a much larger release sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

Development Logs / Dev Log: 23/03/2019
« on: March 24, 2019, 12:42:04 am »
Hello ladies and gentlemen. I have some good news and some bad news for you this week!

The good news is we have a build that is ready for release. It isn't perfect and we are aware of some key buggfixes that are still required. However this update contains some stability tweaks, Along with all the base XFM features. Nothing too fancy in terms of features yet, but they are in the oven and cooking.

The bad news is we have had a small setback due to GitClient errors and had to reset to a backup. We haven't lost much but we are out a few days work and will need a day to reset and get going again. Rest assured we've started to implement internal documentation and processes to avoid this happening in the future! we are all first time devs, so some hiccups were unavoidable.

Without further adue, I present to you Rawbots 1.5B!

If you find any bugs in this edition let us know. Even if you think we've already found them, it will help us determine the order of bug fixing.
Also, if anybody out their is contemplating making new parts for the game (which I am sure you've all thought about) I will be putting out the a public guide on what you need and how to create a part for rawbots.

In the coming weeks we hope to address :

- Outputing nans causes crashes
- Adding more operands
- adding some useful parts
- Stablity
- Stability
- Stabilty 

I look forward to next week, when hopefully I can show off alot more.

General Discussion / THE ABRT V2! now it FLYS!
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:55:57 am »
Hello gents, working on an upgrade to my automatic ballistic rocket turret. Im working on making it an aerial patroling, ground unit killing monster. I call it the RocketWhale!

I've gotten tracking and flight patterns down so far. It has a base starting contiuum , which controls its altitude and such, and it will hold a strafing pattern around this contiuum. When it finds a target, it checks to see if the velocity of the target is higher then the current target (the stock contiuum that comes with it) and then selects the new target based on the fact that it SHOULD be moving. (issue is that if you stand still, it passes by..) I still gotta add some more checks (prox check and what not)

after it fires its rocket, it will break target lock and return to tracking its point of origin, the contiuum it comes with.
the rocket is ready for action, I just need to add the targeting system for it.

here it is in action, just gotta tune in the tracking/targeting system and the rockets targeting system, and it'll be good for battle!

Hello everybody let me get started with the most impressive news, and then I'll get to the details of how this came to pass.

First of, several members of this community have been given the source code by an anonymous user. We have almost no skill when it comes to unity, but we are working on modding the current game release to be more stable and to document how the game actually works for future use. We have alot of passion for rawbots and we believe we can make the game better even with our limited skill.

Second order of business, the forum is not going down. I have extended the domain for another year, I will remove the old post shortly after releasing this.

Story time!
Spoiler: show

ONCE APON A TIME. Our lead creative design Alex Rozgo got the idea for a robot building sandbox adventure game. After whipping on some concept art and pitching the game around, he quickly attracted the attention of Neil Haran, who fell in love with the concept game he saw and would be the lead financier of the project. In 2011 Inearth studios was commissioned to create the rawbots demo that was shown to investors, this is the rawbots we know today.  In 2012, the team tried to raise money via kickstarter and was unsuccessful. Development of rawbots was a complete mess as new systems and utilities were added due to their "coolness" and not their functionality. Nobody on the development team knew the assets very well and they quickly started treading water trying to stay afloat. With the failure of the kickstarter combined with the difficulties in development due to poor decisions he himself had made, the "Dynamic Systems Engineer" Alex Rozgo decided that rawbots wasn't worth perusing. This lead to Alex using the funds to create a Clash of clans mobile knockoff instead - Fraud ofcourse-, Alex then moved the money that had been raised for rawbots development into a company called Beyond Games, and created his mobile game there.

Now the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and its not clear if this was malevolence or misguided good will. Perhaps Alex thought making a hit mobile game would shore up funds for rawbots, a project that was essentially his brain child, or if he had become disillusioned and disheartened enough to betray the investors and players. We can only read about the outcomes of his poor choices. And while without a doubt Alex Rozgo is in-fact the villain of this tale, I do not encourage or endorse any doxxing or other unethical forms of vigilantism. We all think we would do better, but nobody knows what they are capable of until their back is pressed up against the wall.


Neil caught wind of this, and sued beyond games. In response, Alex rozgo was let go from the company, but still maintained control of the rawbots source code due to being the lead "Dynamic System Engineer" at the time of rawbots development. Apparently, Neil and Alex came to some kind of agreement to continue the development of rawbots. This is when we saw the Unreal Engine port of rawbots that appears on these here forums. But much later it was revealed that this was a scam, and what was shown was just pre-made assets with a hardcoded "rover" behaviour slapped on, maybe 1-2 hours worth of work. Alex worked very hard to keep Neil in the dark, allowing him to pocket Neil's money without doing any work.

As time pasted, and it was clear no development was happening , we made the decision to close down the forums. This is when RICK a former employee of Alex Rozgo, reached out to us offering the source code and insight into the internal development struggles and Frauds of Alex Rozgo. Including ridiculous re-builds on projects, shovel-ware games, and non-payment of employees. RICK was cautious about handing the source code over to us, because he was worried about legal action from Alex Rozgo. But before RICK could deliver the source code to us, an anonymous user contacted us and gave us the source. This user had an older copy of the source code (I personally suspect that this is the copy that Alex has, I do not believe he did any work on the project past the original tech demo) Which he gave to us the community.

The current decision from the community is to keep "development" in house for some time to see what we can do, and to go fully open source if we hit a deadwall and can't make progress. Our current goal is to get rawbots documented and Improve the physics within 4 months, if we can't meet this deadline we will be going open.

This is why we were left in the dark for so many years, And this is why, Rawbots will never be a commercial product. For all the people who paid for this game, and were betrayed by Alex, we will be releasing our modded source game updates for free as we make them.

I hope this brings you closure as to the events that transpired with this game, as I feel you all deserve to know. Rawbots had HUGE potential when it was released, and everybody in this community saw that. Now that we have the source code, we can begin the long journey of making this game into what we all believed it could be - our robot building sandbox adventure.

these are still the early days, we haven't even compiled our gitlab repository yet. And while I encourage you all to take this news with a grain of salt, I believe the passion of our community members will be enough to give us a playable game, even if its not the perfection we all craved when we first saw rawbots.

If you want more information, join us on the official discord.

thank you.

[edit, the repo is up! ;D.... time to learn unity  :'( ]

TLDR : Indie studios are corrupt, crazy illegal shit happened with rawbots, thats why we don't have much more then a tech demo, and why we never got any real updates. But we are going to start modding the game because we love it. and with the love of the community we can make the robot building adventure game we've always wanted.

TLDR2: "Got a full bottle of sauce. Modding the living daylights out of it. Forum staying up. Stay calm and make Rawbots!"

General Discussion / Its Been Fun. - Deadmans note
« on: April 29, 2016, 03:46:00 am »
Howdy guys. I've got some bad news, real life decided to roundhouse kick me in the face, and I have to sell my computer. I don't know when I'll be able to afford another, it could be a year or even two. So I'm pretty much out of the game so to speak.

Its been cool setting up this little forum and getting in touch with all you folks once again. I had fun playing rawbots for a good while, and I hope this forum is still around in 2 years time. But until then I'm signing out.

Deadmans note : incase this forum DOES go down and another is created, or for some other mystical reason, you can Always contact me @

cheer's folks, keep on doing what you glorious bastards do.

Screenshots & Videos / Cupid's Automated Rocket Bots!
« on: April 07, 2016, 09:36:29 pm »
heya folks, this one still needs some polishing , but its good enough that I feel I can share it without shame!

this here, is the ABRT , or the automated Ballistic Rocket Turret.

Parts! : Pressurelines Fatalistic Calculator bot, Owls camera system for locking targets (from the aa missle) , and Anannas' Clock to keep the timing delay, and soon it will be mounted on one of Marvins combat bots , as they normally have really good terrain avoidance.

General Discussion / Am I the only one who hates physics distortion?
« on: March 27, 2016, 04:22:41 pm »
I know there is alotta flaws in rawbots. I know the early devs didn't really do their best. But nothing pisses me off like the way they decided to tie the visual rendering of the game, to its physical computation. WHY!?

Like get this okay, I spent alot of time tinkering with pressurlines ballistic cannon bot to make my own variation which fired a rocket. I had it so it hit the target 100% of the time. Then I modified the map and added some other bots and stuff.

I later came back to show a friend my amazing rocket bot, and it missed time after time. I reset the map to remove all the chnages I made, and then it Hit!

so just to make sure I was right, I reset, then spawned in my BigVTOL. And sure enough, the rocket missed by a mile (over the target).

That is hands down the dumbest thing I've ever seen from my pyshics based sandbox. If your going to lag the game when there is lots of stuff on screen, Fine, thats cool, But why do the LAWS OF PHYSICS BEND WITH THE CPU PERFORMANCE IF THE GAME IS ALREADY LAGGED?! AAAARRRGGHH!

in short, my robot I was working on which would deliver a volley of 12 long range ballistic dumb fire rockets has been put on hold indefinitely due to stupidity.

General Discussion / help me, help you, help me!
« on: March 20, 2016, 04:02:33 am »
Look guys, I think we can all agree what we need some new blood around here. So I figured it would be a good idea to head on over to some other web forums and share the game.  Ofcourse these web forums should belong to games like rawbots so we can attract players with similar taste. 

I have a list of webforums a mile long we can try. However making accounts on all these forums is tedious and I've already had my dose of tedious (I manually commented on pictures of 50/290 member's of the steam rawbots group, which is way more work then it sounds).

If any of you guys would be up for registering accounts on these webforums , Im willing to make a generic copy-paste post and following video for you to spread.

The webforums I am thinking about are as follows (ill handle this one, I'm an old moderator on there, though I havent been very active) (this is a forum for indie game developers. but I feel rawbots would fit in the off topic disscussion just fine) (now I know that robocraft mostly doesn't Jive with rawbots, but I feel the more HardCore members will be attracted to rawbots. )

annd uhh, (pressureline or Marvin  can you handle this one? I don't really know where to go and I think you would be the best to talk with real robotics peoples)

I'm sure we can think of more aswell.
I'll be doing terratech myself, but I really need a hand with the others because thats alot of work that I don't particularly feel like doing :p
so volunteer yourself and I'll get to making that copy pasta post for you (and the other volunteers)

Screenshots & Videos / cupid's rocket volley bots!
« on: March 19, 2016, 06:48:43 pm »

General Discussion / Am I the only one who hates jets?
« on: March 17, 2016, 01:31:26 am »
for real! why don't they have four connection points?! why do grenades only have one?! same with hovers! would it have been so hard to allow 4 connections points on the majority of parts!? DAM YOU PREVIOUS RAWBOTS DEVELOPMENT! YOU ARE THE BANE OF MY BUILDS!

Screenshots & Videos / cupid's handy parts dump.
« on: March 13, 2016, 06:37:30 pm »
Hey guys! If you build bots like I do , you probably use lots of modular parts mashed together. This is a dump of parts I had kicking around. I'll add more to this as I have more parts kicking around.

Pressurlines auto turret! (or maybe its marvins?) Torn from his battle bot and put on a handy stand for you! simply modify part positioning as necessary. All the code's been done for you!

Up next we have Owl's AA missiles! again, torn from the bot, simply modify part portioning as you need

A Big Square Segement. name says it all!

A long Diamonde Chassie!

A suspension based support buggy. Comes with real steering and a 5 Billion Mass tolerance!

A pre made MultiRotor! for all your VTOL needs!

up next, a little square segment!

 a little triangle segment!

Anti Aircraft Platform! hover technology stolen from the tutorial level

A medium range dumbfire Rocket! small and compact, best in volleys!

A super small dumbfire rocket! meant for extreme close range!

Hope you guys find that these bits and pieces save you some construction time! I'll add more as I make/rip them off stuff.

Community Notices / The current state of rawbots developement
« on: March 11, 2016, 04:40:26 am »
If your new to the game , or new to the forums after thinking the game was dead, you should probably know about the event that started the creation of this webforum.  You should also know a brief history of rawbots and its current status.  You can find all that information here

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