Author Topic: The Rawbots source code has gone public!  (Read 774 times)


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The Rawbots source code has gone public!
« on: April 03, 2020, 08:57:12 pm »
Its a simple as that folks, sure there is more to it then just that, but many of us are busy dealing with the fallout from covid-19 so you'll have to excuse my brevity on the subject.

In short, Rawbots stopped being a priority for many of the dev team. But we still see the value in the project and the ideas it holds and we could not let this project become forgotten abandon-ware.

I have posted below a copy of the announcement from z26, who  we owe a huge thanks to as he spearheaded the effort to get the open source licensing project completed. You can find the original here

Spoiler: show
Hi, I emailed neil haran and he agreed to immediately release the source code under the agpl3 license. Here's the link:

Anyone of you should feel free to take a look at the repo and download the source code. Keep in mind that there might be a few bugs still in there. I don't have my dev pc right now so I can't ensure everything runs nicely, but if you experience issues, please contact me about them.

I may be busy in the following days, but feel free nonetheless to ask me to add you as contributors once you've made something you'd like to be published.

Knowing how to use git would be useful if you want to contribute, here's a simple introduction However, you don't need to know that stuff if you only want to mess around with the code.

You do need the unity game editor, try the latest official release at
(There are some issues that may potentially be fixed by using the older version 2018.3, but I'd recommend to first contact me about your problem because it is quite possible something else is the cause)

with that said, I thank you for your continued interest in this old game we once held such high hopes for, and I offer the sincerest apologies that myself and the other members of the team could not realize that potential. But even if this web forum and repository  never yields anything more then the 1.6 Rawbots we have now, we have hope that the public source may inspire future devs who wander across it - if only as a case study.

I was only 15 when I came across Rawbots, and this community has been in the backdrop of some of the most developmental stages of my life. Know that even as things seem to wind down for good.. That I treasure the memories and connections we shared as a community. And I will continue to do so for as long as I live, the things I have learned during my time here have become part of who I am, and I hope they have become a part of those who took part in this project, and all those who have joined us along the way.

Thank you my friends. And be safe- its an deeply uncertain world out there.

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