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Welcome to the Autonomous Combat League!
This thread is dedicated to battles between autonomous bots in Rawbots. It is intended to be a fun and friendly competition between bots and bot builders while providing a bit of spectacle to the Rawbots Club community. Building and programming an autonomous bot requires a fairly high level of effort, so be respectful to your fellow Rawboticists and above all have fun!
Competition/Construction Rules:

* One Flux Capacitor per Plasma Cannon
* Grenades may only be activated once per launch and must be carried on the bot when it is spawned from the blueprint.
* Bind a key to start/stop the drive, weapons and aiming systems (use ‘X’)
* Link a ‘spare’ Continuum to the rest of the bot via code (the ‘highlight’ color input is a good way to do this) so that the Continuums can be connected together to start all the bots simultaneously. Make it obvious which Continuum is the ‘spare’ one.
* No Hypercube/Hypercannon weapons (possibly subject to revision if someone can come up with a convincing reason to allow them)
* Some arenas may not have detectable floors, please make cliff/edge detection systems on/off-able.
* Ensure your bots are capable of reliably driving up and down ramps without assistance.
* Flying/Hovering bots should remain within the confines (vertically AND laterally) of the arena. Going out of the top of the arena by a little bit is no big deal, but no flying way out of the arena to make an attack run.
* An entry may consist of several separate bots that may operate individually or co-operatively.

* The entry must consist of a single blueprint
* The total part count of all of the bots in the entry determine the weight class (see the Classes section below)
* Make note of any special conditions with using your bot (keep these to a minimum!)
To counter the trend towards increasing bot sizes and combat power it has been decided to class ACL bots by partcount:

* Parts used to: Connect different sections of a multi-part bot, provide altitude control or provide central on/off control are not counted towards the part limit.
* Lightweight: <=25 parts
* Middleweight: 26-50 parts
* Heavyweight: 51-75 parts
* Unlimited: >75 parts
* Unlimited class bots may also include bots which don’t comply with some of the other rules.

* Give your bot a name. It is much easier to refer to a bot called “Buzzcut” then “PressureLine’s bot with the laser saw.”
* Choose a color. The ‘color_a’ of Floaters and ‘highlight’ of Continuums are good part choices for making your bot visually distinctive.
* It is recommended to use a drive system that tracks targets to maximise time spent in actual combat.
Creating Arenas:

* Outer walls should be at least 3 hexes higher than the lowest point in the arena.
* Ensure any switches or buttons are protected from the battle area to prevent accidental activation/deactivation.
* Please note if the arena contains cliffs or other areas where bots can fall and be overturned.
* Large amounts of grass can cause slowdowns, use it as a garnish only.
* Bots cannot detect Lava or Ice separately from Earth/Metal. Use caution when placing these hexes in your arenas.
Running battles:

* Download and use XFM v0.5, a mod that contains various fixes and rebalancing to make combat more interesting, as well as the addition of inverse trig functions (which will cause the game to crash if used on an version of Rawbots which does not have the functions availible)
* Simply download the bots and the arenas, set up the battle and press Go!
* Take pictures and videos, write battle reports and review competitors.
* A bot is classed as destroyed when it is no longer capable of taking active offensive action (eg an immobilised melee bot, a grenade launching bot that is out of ammo etc)
It is probably worth keeping this thread for entry announcements and results discussions. Please use the Combat Bot Workshop thread for discussing the construction and programming of competing bots (feel free to debate the merits [or otherwise] of bots and arenas here though).

*edit* 28/03/16 - Change to weight class rules

Unlimited and Legacy Bots:
A listing of combat bots built with over 75 parts, and bots that otherwise do not fit into the construction rules as laid out above. Please be aware that the 'Legacy' bots may not work all that well in Rawbots + XFM 0.5 due to changes in flux capacitor recharge times, and other changes to cameras and hooks.

Unlimited: >75 parts

* erazer: 81: Plasma/Laser Melee: tob.s
* Nest: 179: Grenade Swarm: Sleeping_Owl
* PressureTank: 94: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine

* OwlBot: 84: Plasma Shooter: sleeping_owl
* autoX3: 52: Plasma Shooter: MarvinMan

Competition Entries:
A listing of combat bots by class:

Lightweight: ≤25 parts

* Ant v6 (Laser): 6: Laser Melee: MarvinMan
* Goblin: 23: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* Lancer: 25: Grenade Melee: Sleeping_Owl
* Wedge: 25: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
Middleweight: 26-50 parts

* autoX3_acl: 47: Plasma Shooter: MarvinMan
* Babel: 50: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* Blizzard: 49: Grenade Shooter: PressureLine
* Broadside: 43: Plasma Shooter: MarvinMan
* BuzzCut: 48: Laser Melee: PressureLine
* Canary: 46: Hover Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* FireBug: 50: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* GoblinABRT: 35: Grenade Shooter: cupid_the_conqueror
* HailStorm: 44: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* MudSlide: 47: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* RockSlide: 35: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* Wheelbot: 45: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
Heavyweight: 51-75 parts

* Cerberus: 75: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* FireStorm: 60: Plasma Melee: PressureLine
* RedEye: 51: Plasma Shooter: MarvinMan
* SawTooth: 51: Laser Melee: PressureLine
* Scorpion: 61: Plasma Shooter/Laser Melee: PressureLine
* Scylla: 64: Plasma Shooter: PressureLine
* Tumbler: 64: Laser Melee: PressureLine

Competition Arenas:
Arenas built for ACL competitions by author:


* Force Arena
* King of the Hill
* Lavafield
* Ramp Arena Trio
* Tech Arena Duo
* Tech Arena Trio
* Tech Arena Trio II
* Tech Arena Hex
* The Gardens

* Arena
* The Triangle


It's great to have the ACL officially running again. I'll claim blue again as my team colour.

Here's my old combat bot, probably still valid for light or middle weight. Does have non-standard enable controls (g and h for drive and weapons). It was the original proof of concept bot, and by the end of the last ACL round it was entirely outclassed by everything else around. Should still make a lightweight decent target for tuning new bot designs.

This is my original arena, with 6 starting garages and a central platform.

This is a new arena "The triangle", designed for 3 players with a raised region in the centre.


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