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New middleweight competitor!


Weighing in at 50 parts, Babel is a middleweight Plasma Shooter capable of tracking and engaging both ground based and aerial opponents.

Get Babel here.

I had a go at reworking the broadsides reversible drive & navigation system. The result is fast and doesn't get stuck, but unfortunately it's not really well suited to having a turret and armour fitted.

It is however fast enough that it nearly doesn't need armour, so it should still be useful as a target bot to test turrets against.

On an unrelated note, I'd forgotten how much code was in the turret of my original combat bot. It's probably not going to be fun trying to untangle and modify it to use the XFM inverse trig functions.


I like this game!!!
Once, to get the key to this game was my dream - but I could not (finance.) When I was able to download unlicensed software, I began to build, and in my years, I was successful in it. I was ... 12, maybe.

Oh, welcome!

unfortunately, this forum has been extremely quiet for a long time. The original makers wanted to restart development, but they eventually vanished.  Since then, nothing has happened here.

This forum may disappear in two months.  Maybe we could archive it somewhere at least.

Things are even quieter than normal around here these days, but there are still a couple of us around.

Shame to hear the forums might be disappearing again, but I suppose it's hard to justify paying for the hosting when there are usually months between posts.


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